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Orion Gun Club, England

Situated at Noak Hill, Essex, between Brentwood and Collier Row, Orion Gun Club ws originally established as a rifle range. The clay target section opened in 1972. The club has a long lease of farmland; in fact crops are still grown on the skeet field.
Brentwood is a market town with a population of over 68,000 and boasts a school founded in 1557, dedicated to the English martyr St Thomas a Becket.
The club has two trap layouts, two skeet and 50 target sporting range. The traps used are Promatics and the club owns 2 DTL, 6 JRs, 1 double arm Super Sporter, 1 Teal Super Sporter, 1 Ranger, 3 Ranger 8s with tilt base (Stuart Cordery says this is a 'cool trap'), and 1 Rabbit which is about to be swapped for a looping trap. They are about to get another 5 Rangers for skeet. Stored away they have some old traps like a whirly bird, which are no longer used.

The most popular cartridges used are Express and Gamebore, mostly 7.5 and 8s.
Club competitions are held on the first Sunday of the month. Their major annual competitions are the Grand Slam in June - 25 skeet, 25 trap and 50 sporting; in July the Geoff Tyler Trophy and e-Shoot; in November the Anniversary Trophy; Boxing Day is a popular event which ends in the pub!
Orion Gun Club has produced quite a few champions including Kevin Tyler who shot skeet for England - Bill Logan, Danny Logan and Bill Logan Jnr have all shot for England (must run in the family!) - Charlie Lucas shoots NSSA skeet.

Scary Story!
"A shooter came over to shoot DTL. It was the first time he had shot since an accident where he had injured a leg. Somehow he managed to shoot his foot - there is still a hole in the tracks to prove it! There was no blood - just a hole. We called 999 and the ambulance and police came. The police couldn't stop laughing. The ambulance man came over to ask us to stop shooting as the paramedic couldn't cope with the bangs. The guy's wife came over and said it was lucky he shot that foot as that was his good one. He had only been allowed to walk without a stick earlier that week. The guy was a CPSA Safety Officer at the time (not for our club). He had been shooting for ten years and still comes over every now and again. The foot is OK now apart from the hole in it."
Stuart Cordery.

"After the last e-Shoot we had a guest who had shot in it at his club in South Africa (sorry don't know which club) - he was flabbergasted to see we had the results on display and that he had ended up in their e-Shoot team!"
Stuart Cordery

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