Basic Range Layout

Trap 1 – Existing DTL Machine

Trap 2 – MEC 300 From Behind

Trap 3 – MEC 300 Springing Target

Trap 4- Existing DTL Machine

Trap 5- MEC 300E Incoming

Trap 6 – MEC 300E R/C Rolling Rabbit

We have the ability to hold the following international events with this equipment : 5 Stand , Flush, English Sporting Compaq all recognised events by FIT.

Like Sporting Clays, 5 Stand is design to emulate hunting scenarios using clays targets instead of live game. Unlike Sporting Clays 5 Stand is shot over a compact layout with the shooting stands between 1 to 5 metres apart. This greatly reduces the time required to complete a round while maintaining a similar level of difficulty and variation in the targets to Sporting Clays. This small footprint also provides the ability to set a range over our existing DTL layouts.

  • Incoming – targets that will come towards the shooting position landing at ranges from 40 metres to 4 metres from the shooting position
  • Overhead – targets that will pass over the shooting position at varying heights and speeds
  • Quartering – targets moving across the shooting position from various angles between 45 to 90 degrees both incoming and outgoing
  • Springing – targets that are going straight up and are positioned at various distances from the shooting position
  • Looping – targets thrown at 90 degrees to the shooting position in a looping manner
  • Rabbit – an exotic target thrown on its edge along the ground

Battue – a complex target that is designed to turn when it reaches the peak of its flight.

The pace of this event is much quicker than Sporting Clays since the distance between stands is so short. In round robin fashion, each shooter usually shoots 3 single targets (where the shooter can fire both barrels at the one target) and one pair either a report pair (where the shooter calls for the first target and the second is released on the “report” of the first shot) a simultaneous pair (both released at the same time, with the shooter deciding what order to attempt them in) or a following pair (the second bird released a fixed time after the first, irrespective of when the shooter fires his first shot).

In a given stand, the targets are usually all different. After each shooter has been given five targets total, the group of shooters rotates one stand to the right and the targets are repeated, starting with the shooter that was in the first (left-most) stand at the beginning.

With 5 stands, and 5 targets at each, the total for a course is 25 targets presented to each shooter.5-stand events with more than 25 targets usually have 2-4 separate 5-stand setups, although it is possible to shoot multiple target “menus”, or even different stand positions, from a single set of traps.