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Graaff Reinet Gun Club, South Africa.

Graaff Reinet is the fourth oldest town in South Africa, situated in the Great Karroo about 240km north of Port Elizabeth.It is a charming, neat town with a population of some 50,000 people, filled with great historical buildings, museums and sites of general interest. A huge number of tourists from South Africa and abroad visit the town throughout the year. The region is dry, hot in summer with bracing cold, lovely winter days with occasional snow on the high mountains. With a 30mm (12 inch) annual rainfall farming is mainly merino sheep, angora and boer goats and ostriches. There is plenty of game and a lot of professional hunting in the district - mainly springbok, kudu and mountain rhebok as well as grey-wing partridge and guineafowl.

Graaff Reinet Gun Club is situated on the Murrays farm, Rhoode Bloem, seven kilometres from Graaff Reinet off the Middelburg Road. The club was established in 1963 and two foundation members till shoot regularly. Membership is about 55 and club shoots are held on the third Saturday of each month, with from 12 to 20 competitors. The club hosts one Open Provincial Shoot and one Eastern Cape Inter Club Shoot each year and also runs a very popular Summer Sporting Competition which draws entries from throughout the country.
Facilities include a large user-friendly clubhouse, 4 trap layouts, 2 skeet, 1 trench, 1 Compak range and 7 sporting ranges. The club uses a variety of traps but mostly Fareys on the sporting range and on two of the trap ranges. One of the skeet ranges has Winchester Western traps and two of the trap ranges use Winchester White Flyers. On the main skeet range they have Laporte machines and on the trench range they use Kromsen traps. Two ATA trap ranges have automatic Farey traps - all the others are manual and work very well.
On club practice days members generally shoot ATA trap, NSSA skeet and universal trench. In all the 42 years of the club's existence they have only once cancelled a shoot because of bad weather. The weather is always good - hot in summer and cold in winter but with good clear days.
Seven club members have earned National Colours and another four have Provincial Colours. Browning, Perazzi and Beretta are the guns favoured by club members, using whatever ammo is sourced at reasonable prices. While they used local SP ammo almost exclusively for many years, recently some have been using Sellier & Bellot and Rio cartridges.
The main problem members face is the huge increase in the price of ammo and clays recently. Travelling and accommodation for competitive shooting is very expensive, especially for the younger members.

Graaff Reinet Gun Club events for 2009

February 21 - Club Day 2pm
February 21-22 - EC Open at PECTC
March 14 - EC I/C U Trench + Skeet and Trap at GRGC
March 21 - Club Day 2pm

April 4 - EC I/C Sporting at LFGC
April 18 - Club Day 2pm

May 9-10 - EC FITASC Sporting at Outeniqua CTC
May 21 - Club Day 2pm

June 20 - Club Day 2pm
July 18 - Club Day and Email DTL International
August 21-23 - 5 Stand and English Doubles at GRGC
September 19 - EC I/C Trap + Skeet and Trench at GRGC
October 3-4 - Summer Sporting at GRGC
October 17 - Club Day 2pm
November 21 - Club Day 2pm
December 18 - Club Day 2pm

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