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Gander Rod and Gun Club, Canada.

Newfoundland is an island province off the Atlantic (east) coast of Canada, discovered by the Vikings in 986. It was inhabited by peaceful nomadic people from the subarctic. In the 1400s explorer John Cabot returned to England with reports of cod so thick you could scoop them from the sea by the basketful. This led to a rush of fishermen from England, Spain, France and Portugal.
The first European settlement was in Conception Bay in 1610. Within ten years there were settlements at Cambriol, Ferryland and Renews.
Gander, named after the abundant wild geese, was settled in 1936 when civil engineer T A Hall arrived on the shores of Gander Lake and decided the flat terrain was ideal for an international airport. Construction began in 1937, employing 900 men. Gander's strategic position played a major role in WW II. The thriving town now has a population of 12,000.
Gander Rod and Gun Club was established in 1950 and is situated on the north shore of Gander Lake about five kilometres east of Gander. The club grounds are to the south of Gander International Airport and leased from Gander Airport Authority.
Membership stands at 54 and has seen a steady decline from an average of 200 members ten years ago. Club facilities include a 50m small bore range, a 100/25m small/big bore range and one trap range equipped with a Western White Flyer trap. Shotguns favoured by members include single barrel Baikal and Benelli, Beretta double barrel over and unders, and both s/b and o/u Browning, Remington and Winchester pumps. The ammunition most commonly used is 2.75 inch Federal and Winchester AA 2.75 dram, shot size 7.5 or 8, and Federal or Winchester AA 3 dram size 7.5 or 8 for all trap shooting. Three of the members reload their own shells.
Most organised shoots are trap events, with one Fun event - normally the Fall Turkey Shoot, which includes five events - 50 trap targets, 10 shots from a .22 calibre rifle at a paper target, 3 shots from a 7.62 (.308) rifle at a moose paper target, pitch 5 horseshoes and throw 10 darts. Teams are picked before the event, pairing weaker trap shooters with better ones. The best overall score wins.

Gander Rod and Gun Club holds five major trap events each year, in April (weather permitting), May, June, August and September or October. The club is inaccessible from October to April due to snow. The biggest event of the year is held to co-incide with Gander Day celebrations organised by the town, when the club entertains shooters from out of town.
The main difficulties faced by the club are similar to those faced by many clubs in other countries - new Gun Legislation and Registration. There is much more paper work to be completed and background/security checks performed by Federal officials before an individual can be issued a licence which will permit the retention of his presently-owned firearms, and even more required of you wish to acquire additional firearms. Restricted firearms (handguns) require even more paperwork and checks by law enforcement officers. Firearms registration will reach a critical moment for residents of Canada on January 1st 2003 - any resident without a Possession Only, or Possession and Acquisition Firearms Licence that does not have their firearm registerd before that date will automatically become a criminal, subject to severe penalties and/or imprisonment.
Members of Gander Rod and Gun Club did well at the 2001 Atlantic Canada Trap Championships - congratulations to -
Sheila Wall - Atlantic Canada Ladies Singles Champion
Pat Wall - Atlantic Canada Mens B Class Singles Champion
Derm Molloy - Atlantic Canada Veteran Singles Champion.
(We are grateful for the support we have had from Ron Woodd in interpreting the e-Shoot rules for North America - it has never been too much trouble for Ron to answer questions and give advice and we do appreciate it - Ed)

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