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Dani-Hi Olympic Clays, Israel.

Dani-Hi is situated outside the resort town of Caeseria on the Mediterranean, a half hour drive from both Tel Aviv or Haifa on the coast highway. The origin of trap and skeet shooting in Israel is quite a story and we thank Mike Columbus for the following information.

The first skeet range was set up by the Israeli Air Force for the use of fighter pilots on the outskirts of Tel Aviv after independence in 1948.
In 1958 there was an ISU competition in Moscow and Israel was invited to compete. The government wanted to send the maximum number of competitiors in the maximum number of disciplines. Colonel Maxim Kahan, a keen bird hunter, was approached to send a team of shotgun shooters to Moscow. He contacted a group of old bird hunters and they practiced at the air force range. No one had a dedicated skeet or trap gun, or even and under-and-over, or knew what they were doing. In short they went to Moscow, had a great time, returned home and set up a range on Carmel Mountain overlooking Haifa.
The name of the club was the Israeli Partridge Club, which is still its official designation.
Mike Columbus was a volunteer on a kibbutz immediately after the Six Day War in June 1967. He had started shooting trap in Canada in 1965 and knowing of the club in Israel, met Maxim and shot at the original range on the Carmel. Now that was a sporting club with sporting targets. The range had a tremendous view overlooking the Port of Haifa from the mountain top and the bunker traps were on a bluff about 1000 metres high. The target shot out and in any kind of wind came straight back at you - there was always wind.
In the early 1980s the Dani-Hi site in Caeseria was opened and Dani-Hi has developed under the direction of Col. (ret) Maxim Kahan and his son, Col. (ret) Ami Kahan. Dani-Hi is a most unique complex with two Olympic combination trap and skeet fields, one layout with wobble traps for use as a doubles field and an ATA trap field ,as well as over 25 pistol ranges, rifle ranges, a Krav Maga instruction building and two paintball ranges. There is a newly enlarged restaurant and cabins for overnight accommodation for people on various security courses.
Membership is currently 50, but only about ten of these members are active. The favoured firearms are mostly over-and-unders with Berretta and Browning top of the list. The ammunition used at the club is Victory cartridges imported from Cyprus.
Club competitions are held every couple of months, championships in autumn, a hunter shoot in August. In February 2002 two shoots were held to select a two-man team to represent Israel in ISU.
(Mike Columbus apologises that no scores were submitted from Dani Hi in e-Shoot 2002, saying he was involved with paintball all summer and no-one else in the club thought of organising e-Shoot. Ed)

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